4 Surprising Facts About Shipping Vehicles Overseas

If international vehicle shipping anytime soon is on your to do list, it is important to familiarize yourself with the hard facts on this business. This will ensure that you not only choose the right shipping company but also the shipment arrives safely, on time and at a reasonable charge. Discover these 4 facts on such shipping services; they will serve as an eye-opener especially for first-timers.

Fact 1: Condition of Shipment Depends on Shipping Company

More attention has been given on what type of vehicle one should buy and from which brand than which company will do the shipping. A shipping company can break or make your shipment. The concern amplifies when it is a long-distance shipment. In addition to shipping rates, one should compare the nature of cargo services such as sizing and shipment regions. It is better to choose a company whose shipment services cover most continents and major countries as they more trustworthy.

Fact 2: Military Also Uses Shipping Services

If you think only civilians get to worry about shipping vehicles overseas, think again. Even military uses vehicle shipping services almost on a daily basis. Military logistics in different geographical locations necessitate constant transfer of materials used by these uniformed people. Vehicle transportations through sea routes take anywhere from a few days to months depending on the nature, location, distance and bulk of items in the shipment.

Fact 3: Bigger Cargos Means More Cost-Saving

If you are getting your vehicle shipped overseas, go for a bigger cargo. International shipping consisting of 2 or more vehicles is beneficial for customers. Specifically, a cargo of 3 SUVs or 6 compact cars are considered large. Having such a large cargo saves a customer more and reduce the transportation costs. In case, you are shipping only a single vehicle, you may rope in someone else to share the available space in a container and divide the money accordingly.

Fact 4: Photographic Records Guarantees Better Services

Sometimes photos of the shipment ensure better services from the cargo export service provider. Documented proof in the form of photos or videos records the condition of the vehicle before shipment. This puts an onus on the shipment handler to keep the condition of vehicles intact on arrival at the destination. If not, you have the proof to present to your insurance company. Even when you need to go to court, they’ll ask you for some solid evidence. Such photos come handy during this time.


It is hoped that these facts enable you to make the most of international auto shippers for your shipping needs, be it a car, motorcycle, truck or boat. Today, there are many well-known international moving services that operate on established routes with minimum damages and delays. Vancouver, Washington-based EasyHaul is one classic example of such a mover that provides shipment services both within and beyond USA. Its hassle-free doorstep delivery services give customers peace of mind.


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